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 MAP™ is a dietary protein substitute that contains the MAP(Master Amino Acid Pattern ®), a unique pattern of essential amino acids in a highly purified, free crystalline form.
Comparative results of this study have shown that athletes, by taking the Master Amino acid Pattern ® (MAP) as a dietary protein substitute and performing physical activity, have had (1) increased body muscle mass, strength, and endurance; (2) decreased fat mass; (3) increased basal metabolism rate; (4) greater improvement in performance of the nonprevailing muscles compared to the prevailing ones; and (5) improved muscular and hematologic lactate clearance, which allows for better muscle performance and faster muscle recovery after physical activity. It was concluded that the use of MAP ™ as a dietary protein substitute in conjunction with physical activity can provide a safe and unprecedented way to optimize the body's protein synthesis, thereby improving anthropometric characteristics and physical and physiologic performance.
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