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Live Essence H2O introduces the New...Blueprint Water Unit!

One of a kind water technology never before seen in the world! Blueprint Living Water is the alternative health choice! Uses natural frequencies to clean harmful toxins from your drinking water.
You Do It!...I do It!...In Fact:
Millions of people flush their medications and urinary diseases into the ground water. The disease frequencies are held in the memory of the water and could end up in your kitchen faucet!
Distillers, filters, ozonators, reverse osmosis, and alkaline water machines will not remove frequencies of dysfunction from the water! The water must be cleared of these toxic frequencies and must be replaced with the Live Essence that creates Living Water.
Living Water balances imbalanced organs and glands in the body. It does this through the use of crystals that provide the natural frequencies for each cell. Crystals get their energy from Father Sun and Mother Earth.
Blueprint Living Water opens the cellular structure of the body to flush existing toxins from the cells, allowing those cells to re-hydrate and repair naturally.
Live Essence is provided by Mother Earth elements that can re-energize water. Cleared water can be re-energized by imprinting it to meet the blueprint frequency that each organ, gland, or body part, needs.
Live Essence H2O Living Water!
This water is so good, your body begins to crave its healthy input!

Blueprint Water Unit

A Living Water cellular replacement system Pre-selected carrier waves can now be imprinted in water and is delivered directly to the cells.
The “Blueprint Water Unit” Solution
If your body is made up of mostly water... Then ask yourself, why you crave caffeinated, carbonated, sweetened, toxic to the body, liquids. Could it be that your natural body is trying to exist in an unnatural environment and these toxic fluids that you consume are just giving you an artificial high? Could this be why the human population, overall, is in such a drastic dis-ease state?
Give your natural body what it naturally desires, what it naturally needs!...
Pure, Clean, Clear, Naturally Energized Water meant to be in harmony with the body.
In effect then, the memory of water is restored to match the energetic needs of the body parts.
The Blueprint Water Unit is designed to clear dysfunctional memories, and imprint into the water, the Live Essence cellular memories that rebalance body systems.
·         Seventy-eight percent (78%) of your body is water.
·         Ninety percent (90%) of your brain is water.
·         You have a circulatory system coursing blood through the veins; ninety-nine percent (99%) water.
·         A lymphatic system that bathes every cell in your body; ninety-five percent (95%) water.
Water in every cell, in every body part, contains Live Essence emitting frequencies that create Living Water. Water holds toxins and vibrations of Disease in YOUR BODY! How polluted is your body of water?
The Blueprint Water unit produces a Living Water through Twin Vortices using Mother Earth frequency generators. The Living Water is first purified via the use of a four stage reverse osmosis system. But, that is just the beginning of re-creating a Living Water! That water still has the imprint, the fingerprint, or vibrational energy of chemicals, toxins and disease. We have to first erase those imprints of dysfunction that can harm the energetic integrity of the human body. We do just that; clear it up and start with a clean slate; No Toxins! But that is not enough; we must re-create a Living Water that causes each group of cells to resonate at their own blueprint frequency. Can we do this? You bet we can. We use Mother Earth’s primary elemental technology to assist us in re-creating this Living Water.
Elements do radiate specific energy that is needed by each cellular group. Match the elemental frequency to the organ frequency and you have a tuning fork resonance! Now, imprint that resonance in the memory cleared water and you have new Living Water. Deliver Living Water to the organ and perfect harmonics is the result!
It is our objective to replace the toxic water in your cells with cellular Living Water; Living Water with a Live Essence energy that elicits the cells to harmonize in perfect unison with the water! A human body in perfect balance can support no disease. The normal tendency of the body is toward health. Remove the toxins, provide a healthy water in every cell, and the body will naturally heal itself.
You wouldn’t wash your clothes or dishes in dirty water would you? Therefore, why would you expect to flush the toxins out of the cells of your body with toxic water?

A Living Water Cellular Replacement System

Clean, clear, and imprint frequencies that operate all cellular groups of the body! The perfect detox water that works hand and glove with the need for Living Water to enhance your health.

Countertop Blueprint Water Unit

One-of-a-Kind Water Technology
We start with one of the best four stage (4) reverse osmosis systems! - Then we retro-fit the Blueprint Water system with Twin Vorticies. This primary technology is designed to clear harmful vibrations. We then imprint Blueprint frequencies harmonic to the human body systems.
This is the only known Living Water recreated by Live Essence infusion.
Cold Water Only can be put through the machine.

·         Dimensions: 14" HT x 10 1/2" W x 10" D
·         Electric: 120V plug in 2 pin transformer
·         1.25 gallon tank. Rate: 1 gallon per hour
·         Shipping Weight: 17 lbs.
·         Shipping Dimensions: 20L x 15W x 16D inches




Live Essence H2O introduces the New...Blueprint Water Unit!
One of a kind water technology never before seen in the world!
Blueprint Living Water is the alternative health choice!
Uses natural frequencies to clean harmful toxins from your drinking water.
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