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'It is healing by way of the medium of the skin. This is a very ancient practice, and is described in many ayurvedic texts. The efficiency of topical applications in regard to magnesium is justified by the skin's ability to absorb minerals which are then carried by the circulatory system around the body. It is also harmless as the skin will not absorb more magnesium than the body needs. Topical application of magnesium is also considerably superior to the commonly suggested oral magnesium supplements and is actually the most practical way intracellular magnesium can be re-established to proper levels. When utilizing magnesium on our skin, we are producing "tissue saturation." This is the ability to launch the nutrients exactly where you want them, which is directly into circulation where your body tissues have access at therapeutic efficient levels without any loss. With Ancient Minerals magnesium, you have a potent natural substance that penetrates the cells with dramatic results on cellular biochemistry, and it is inexpensive, safe and do-it-yourself at home method.'


" The therapeutic value of magnesium as a transdermal application reaches well beyond the potential of dietary magnesium. Transdermal therapy effectively saturates the tissues delivering high amounts of magnesium to where we need it most, directly into circulation..."

" I f you do not have sufficient amounts of magnesium, your body cannot make or utilize protein. Similarly  if you don't have adequate amounts of magnesium, the vitamin C and E that you consume cannot be used."

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