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The philosophy of Quantum Secret is very simple, "continued research for the improvement of the health of our customers."  We believe that individual attention improves the overall well being of the individual. Quantum Secret is not only proud of our products but we are delighted in the opportunity to serve our customers through our continued research to find 'the Secret'. Our "Articles of Interest" and "Little Known Facts" allow each person visiting our site to learn as we learn. 
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Paula Totherow
President and Owner
Quantum Secret

Chief Two Trees

if one thing sticks in my mind from what I learned from Chief,
it is the importance of magnesium

Who we are...

Based on Body, Mind and Spirit, Quantum Secret, Inc. gets back to basics.
As a company Quantum Secret has found that Nature answers many questions other health fields ignore.  Synergistically speaking, absorbing products from nature vibrationally fit into God’s plan for mankind.
The SCIO is the only biofeed back device that not only analyzes the body's condition, but is capable of defining and administering a remedy for that condition.

Featured Products.....

                RayGuard Products
               The Human Firewall 
        The Lumen Photon Light Pad


                   Quantum Wave Laser




                     Stetzer Filters



The only organic zeolite delivered in a bed of humic acid. The pH factor of Z-Life reads at an impressive 7.4 to 8. Combining zeolite with humic acid to deliver the most powerful natural chelating, pH balancing, immune supporting and remineralizing product ever discovered.

RECEPTOL® is one of the most powerful immune boosters available on the market today.

Miracle Growth Factor

Perhaps the single most important nutrients anyone of any age can take! The secret is in the "Deer Velvet" and IGF-1. From overall immune system imporvement to overall health, Miracle Growth Factors has it all!

Master Detox®

Mother's Milk from the Earth. Master Detox energizes oxygenates and chelates. The perfect supplement to cleanse and repair on the cellular level.

Quantum O 2

Oxygenated Cellular Nutrition--The key to longevity delivering 131 micronutrients to every cell. If you had to choose just one nutrient–keep this one in your hip pocket.